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Epic Sound Design

Original soundtracks for visual media
Realistic orchestral midi mock-ups
Theatrical sound design
Music Styles include:
cinematic, orchestral, electronic,
dubstep, rock, metal, blues,
jazz, country, slide, funk,
Hawaiian, classical, electric,
to a single acoustic guitar piece that will tug at your heartstrings.

About Till Paris

Till Paris spent his youth surfing flawless Hawaiian waves and playing slack key guitar. With an affinity for technology and an advanced understanding of digital marketing, Till launched Dream Team Media based upon key online software he developed. Some of Till’s client’s include Marriott, Embassy Suites, Diamond Resorts, Steve Vai, Discovery Channel, and Sprint. An obsessive compulsive introvert with passion for music Till is found composing music for TV, Film, signed artists, studio albums as well as playing guitar in several band projects.

Studio Recording Sessions

Till plays a wide variety of lead guitar and rhythm styles including rock, pop, metal, funk, country, and blues. Paris writes and records high end studio quality guitar tracks for your songs or can embellish your existing guitar tracks. He has a variety of guitars from vintage Fender Strats and Gibsons to modern Suhr guitars. Amps Till plays are a Friedman Brown-Eye, Fender Tone Master, and a modded Marshall Dual Super Lead. He works remotely out of a writing studio or can travel to your recording facility. Paris is running Logic X and ProTools 12.
Till is also available for professional band projects and touring acts as a guitarist.

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